11/12/2012 01:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Dexter' Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: 'Chemistry' Pits Deb Against Hannah

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Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you haven't read Season 7, Episode 7 of "Dexter," titled "Chemistry."

Deb - Dex Drama:

Well, "Dexter" was bound to come to this sooner or later. it's hard for a serial killer who only kills serial killers to find true love without his Homicide Lieutenant sister asking him to kill his new murderer girlfriend.

In the final moments of the episode, Deb called Dexter and demanded that he take justice into his hands after Hannah McKay got away with poisoning Deb's new boyfriend, crime writer Sal Price. "It's you, Dex. You know what I'm saying? She deserves it. I want you make it right. Do what you do."

It was an interesting turn for Deb, who didn't know that Dexter and Hannah have been swapping notes on killing and have graduated from table to regular bed sex. She thought Dexter had messed with the blood evidence because he was saving Hannah "for his table," but as we know, he's protecting her for other equally selfish reasons.

Deb spent much of the episode investigating McKay with Price. She had her ex-husband's body exhumed to see if it was poisoned, only to find that that there was no tissue left on the remains because the body wasn't embalmed -- on Hannah's orders. Their investigation reached a dead end, but Deb was pretty certain Price's theory that McKay was more than Wayne Randall's accomplice had legs.

Her suspicions were confirmed when Price dropped dead of a heart attack in Dexter's living room, a few hours after he interviewed Hannah. Price was smart enough to refuse her possibly poisoned lemonade, but she took advantage of his weakness for chewing on things, and put some undetectable poison on his pen.

Deb was devastated when she saw his body. "I can't even have a drink with someone without them dying," she said, before vowing to make sure Hannah got what she deserved. But when her interrogation and tox screening again proved fruitless, she turned to Dexter in a moment of weakness.

It was clear from the moment Sal Price saw Dexter dropping off Hannah at her apartment that he had to go. The same is probably true for Hannah, but it won't be as easy for Dexter to kill Hannah as it was for Hannah to kill Price. Still, it seems more likely that the code -- and his relationship with Deb -- will win out over his new love.

Theory Of The Week:

What if Dexter tells Deb that he won't kill Hannah? Is there any chance she could take matters into her own hands and take out Hannah herself? That's unlikely, but part of me thinks she's frustrated and disillusioned enough that it might be possible. Leave your thoughts and theories on how you think this situation will play out in the comments.

Dispatches From Miami Metro:

Just when Capt. LaGuerta was on the verge of giving up her off-books investigation into the Bay Harbor Butcher case -- after considerable manipulation from Deb -- she discovered that Dexter has a boat. A lightbulb went off in her head that Dexter could be the Butcher. And possibly that Deb has been manipulating her into giving up her search for the truth.

Isaak Circo got out of jail after his lawyers demanded early discovery and Miami Metro realized the blood evidence that Quinn stole from the lab has gone missing. Batista -- who knows Quinn is dating a stripper from their club -- immediately suspected that he was up to something. But Quinn gave him a $10,000 check for his restaurant, which should make him less curious. So in a roundabout way, both Quinn and Batista are now on the Koshka's payroll.

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