01/13/2014 04:41 pm ET Updated Mar 15, 2014

The Words of a Creative Genius

Dear Reader,

I decided to help Alex Schattner out today. I can't tell you my name -- it is not for the ears of mortals -- but suffice it to say that I am Alex's assigned daemon, or genius (if your Roman). Fine... you got me... I'm actually a genius Jr., but I'm working on it. Don't worry. I'll get there. Anyway...

I like to help Alex out sometimes -- whisper sweet somethings into his ear. He needs me to puff up his creativity, and balance his sanity. We can't have him going off the deep end, can we? Why do you think he listens to so much pop music? He does it for me. So he can stay positive, push away fear, and anxiety, and let me do my thing.

Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy.

As for the above TED talk, I wish I could take credit for Elizabeth Gilbert's words. Alas, that honor belongs to my mentor's mentor, who also must go unnamed. Personally, I agree with the video's assessment. I think it's time us daemons were reintroduced to society. Maybe then artists, like Alex, wouldn't see every success with a tinge of failure. They might forgive past imperfections, and look on future opportunities as all-new beginnings. For my part, I will fight to be there for Alex every step of the way, but -- as you might have guessed -- that's not really my call... fingers crossed.

How 'bout a poem to liven things up? Here it goes: Rough winds do shake the darling buds of--Nope! That's taken! Darn. I knew it sounded too good. Then again, it's not like I can come up with gems all the time. I'm ethereal, not mechanical. Deal with it. Olé!

Yours Truly (for now),