01/10/2012 06:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rich or Famous, Dead or Alive... Nothing Is Perfect

This week I am taking a break from interviews with amazing people from all walks of life to touch upon the field known today more so as The Paranormal giving a message. Next week, I have an amazing interview lined up with a talented and famed Hollywood Family with a beautiful story to tell that takes off from the below article's meaning.

At one point in time you may run into someone with a ghost story. "Hey man, did I tell you that I saw 'something' walk past the doorway when I was visiting my friends house?" They tell it to you like a kid in a candy shop for his/her first time. At some point in life you may have raised the topic of ghosts or UFO's to friends or loved ones. It's almost as if you may have "cooties" by saying the word "ghost" and '"I saw" in the same sentence. Not so much so today due in part to the upsurge in pop-culture interest in the Paranormal and The Occult for which my father, the late and great Professor Dr. Hans Holzer, cultivated into acceptable means, protocols, terminology laced with the ability to mince the scientific aspect with the metaphysical one for research, findings, conclusions or left as unknown... up to you to decide what the supernatural story is about.

Caption: NBC Series 'In Search Of'...Ghosts, Part 2 with my father Dr. Hans Holzer.

Most of us hold back when inside we might be bursting at the human seams to ask if they too, believe. This is good news. Maybe some of you ask what can the paranormal field do for you? Maybe some already know while others are new on the scene. Whatever effect it's meaning has on the individual will lead to a positive if they keep an open mind and heart. Take a case of sadness. It's okay to feel sad and so perhaps you've had a tough life. Here's where your faith, belief systems, patience, perseverance, experiences and anything else you can throw in are tested. This is the time for those in need to turn towards the paranormal aka our 'assigned guides' and ask for help. Some wonder if it is silly to ask out loud for guidance? Still others ponder and quietly whisper a few words under their breath while washing their hands at dinnertime. Whatever "twirls your beanie" as long as you try the just might save the day.

Caption: Alexandra Holzer researching like her famous father before her.

You need to carve out a new path in which you can change the course of your destiny. Envision what you need and desire for yourself and go there: even if it seems silly at the time. So what I am saying, silly or not is, if you don't envision ahead you'll never know and be stuck in a rut that is negative. Anything positive is better then a negative - It just is! Pretty soon you will be attracting good things in a span of time and suddenly find yourself scratching your head. How did I get here: fate, destiny, paths connecting to the right people and timing? Yes to all and then some. Don't forget to thank your paranormal friends, family and guides on the other side as well. Father used the term which he coined 'The Other Side' which I see many people today are using in music and conversations. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain if you just try and put it out there. Try to keep it original and be yourself no matter how hard that mountain is to climb. You at least...will be you.

Caption: Dr. Hans Holzer and Alexandra Holzer reading each others books.

Once you decide to get to that point, a vortex of possibilities could open up a new path for you. Age, time and the past does not equate if you're not content. Try not to hone in on drowning endless situations. Trust the guides who are assigned to us and let go. It may not be overnight or perhaps during the next few months but within a decent amount of time you will be in a far better place. For those already there - you know of what I speak. For those in between, you are doing a great justice for your soul and those around you who love you. Ask questions. Seek out the truth that is for you.

Caption: Alexandra Holzer lecturing in basement of Gettysburg's International Museum of Spirits. Photo Credit: Journalist Jeffrey Roth.

Nothing is perfect, even for the rich and famous. At the end of the day we are all cut from the same cloth as human beings minus the bad folks out there. They are from a different world entirely and that's another topic in itself. One fact about life and death is based on how one lives, will dictate on how one crosses and where they end up on The Other Side. Let's try to prevent these souls from ending up on the wrong side and when stuck like a ghost, at least try and move on. Otherwise we will have too many poltergeist like beings about creating havoc. Actually I know many human beings like that right now! *Sigh*. Positive...positive...positive.