02/15/2011 07:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

My Free 'Video-Book' Is Waiting To Be Used/Taught at MIT Press

Given that it's free, I hope you'll check out my "video-book," just released from the MIT Press.

It's a great resource for teaching YouTube, given that it's written to an ADHD reader in the vernaculars of online: tweets and videos suggest that long-form learning may be what we're missing.

Also, if you've been avoiding doing the hard thinking about YouTube, I'll do the critical labor for you! (along with my students), as well as providing a sea of online background readings to give YouTube some theoretical and historical background.

If you're curious about the future of the book, online academic publishing or digital humanities, it's also a first, and in the video-book I self-reflexively engage in discussions about working with MIT to make this possible (with their permission).

When you're through (and do give it the hour or so you'd devote to a movie, otherwise, you'll never get the depth of its book-like argument), make sure to author a "texteo" of your own, engaging in a more complex form of user interaction than defines most YouTube commentary.