03/31/2013 02:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Bird, a Dog... An Easter Love Story

Tweetie and Sweetie are parakeets. Sweetie is the one wearing blue feathers. They are love birds who sleep in a cage at night, and fly free in the house during the daytime. When hungry, they hop back into the cage to eat, then out again to fly free.

Tia is the dog. She is also known as Tia-the-Terrorist, and Tia-mi-Amour. She has a sweet side, and the instincts of a hunter.

It's called "Murphy's Law" when something unexpected happens. Today Murphy visited our house.

I opened the door of the birdcage to let the birds fly free. Then walked to the door to let the dog outside. The birds flew out; the dog followed me to the door. Then I bent over to pick up something off the floor, and as I stood up, Tweetie-bird flew past me, and Sweetie flew right into my chest and fell to the floor.

She fell right at the feet of Tia who immediately followed instinct and grabbed the bird in her mouth.

I also followed instinct and began screaming "No..............!" as the dog ran back a few steps with the bird in her mouth, then unexpectedly, while I was still screaming, Tia dropped Sweetie to the floor.

It was Murphy's law in reverse!

Holding the dog by the collar, I led her to the door and OUT, while the bird struggled to her feet and flew free.

And me? If you have ever seen animals shake to free themselves of fear, that's what I did. I went outside and jumped for joy on a mini-trampoline until every cell in my body and brain felt that joy!