03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Reboot America

Things are falling apart. The more we focus on chasing our tail and calling it "terrorism," the more money we pour into failed military ventures, now trillions of dollars, to keep ourselves ever safer misses a single point. The terrorist isn't them, it's "us."

The real terrorists are the people we trust to keep us safe. It's the people who ring the black hole that sucks money out of the taxpayers' pockets to fuel black deeds. It's also the media who spin stories away from the truth.

To find the corruption in government, follow the money. Does the CIA need more money to do a better job tracking down terrorists in an impoverished "Iron Age culture" or does it need to be dismantled? Why hire more agents who lack the skill sets to handle an impossible task in Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan? Bring the troops home now. If they were polled, I'm sure they would agree. They want out too.

Shift the money to fund innovation. Fund anything green, clean and sustainable, and keep on funding it. Pick up the pace to keep pace with China's boiling green and clean boom.

Fund the expansion of social networks and citizen journalists (who often work for NO pay) track news stories better than the big news media. Shift the money away from Homeland Security and full body CAT-scans of every traveler. Instead use low-cost sniffer dogs on suspicious people, then check all passports.

The Detroit terror event was an inside job. Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab boarded the Detroit Flight #253 without a passport. Who let him on the plane? Who was in charge of security? Follow the money. Who would profit from the worldwide sale of full body scanners?

Who would profit from bringing Iron Age cultures into the more profitable world of feudalism? Unfund them. It's time to reboot America.