08/20/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Is All of Hollywood the Bitch in Twitter "Sex Tape," or Just P. Diddy?


Regardless of what you think of Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington's ethics, what has been revealed via the Techcrunch #twittergate is some of the most fascinating information to have hit the mediasphere in a long time. As Cult of the Amateur author A.J. Keen puts it, referring to the leak, technology start-ups have become the "hottest celebrities in America... Receiving the same kind of obsessionally intimate coverage from the media that was once reserved for kings of pop like Michael Jackson or Elvis."

The line between media and new media inevitably blurs when Silicon Valley start-ups receive the same invasive scrutiny as Hollywood stars; the Twitter document leak revealed a lot about their Hollywood strategy, namely that they have one. Debating how to handle the fact that nerdy people made something that pretty people use, Twitter management considered appointing P. Diddy to something called an "entertainment/marketing" advisory board -- mainly out of a desire, seemingly, to keep him out of their hair.

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