09/02/2014 05:35 pm ET Updated Nov 02, 2014

10 Steps to Survive a Vacation With Your Spouse

It happens. For those of us that love to travel, sometimes we encounter travel partners that don't simply travel the way that we do. Maybe your partner likes to sleep in until noon when you want to visit museums. Maybe your partner has a bigger budget. Or maybe, he just snores!

I've traveled with one or two people that I probably shouldn't have traveled with. But the truth is, regardless of how well you get along, you are bound to have issues when spending 24/7 with a spouse or close friend. Here is a list I have devised of tips so that you never reach the point of killing your travel companion.

1) Be Flexible: This should happen whether you are traveling solo or with someone else. Flights get delayed, reservations get mixed up, and sometimes your accommodations aren't what you thought they would be. Just keep positive and remember that those little things going wrong will not outweigh how awesome it will be to see The Great Wall or Christ the Redeemer.

2) Pack Snacks: My fiance, Alex, and I realized that about 85 percent of our arguments while traveling are escalated due to hunger. Perhaps this is just because we are Greek and fat kids at heart. Regardless, you will most likely complain a bit more about something small if you are dehydrated or about to eat your shirt.

3) Do solo activities: If your travel companion doesn't want to wake up before noon, that doesn't mean that you have to stay in the hotel all morning. Plan to visit museums or parks on your own -- especially small things that you know that your partner probably won't be interested in.

4) Make friends: "Never drink alone" does not apply outside of U.S. borders. If your companion doesn't want to go out at night, go on your own! Chances are you can simply make friends with another table at the bar. Especially if there is a futbol match on.

5) Set budgets: If your friend has more money to spend than you, speak up! The truth is, this is probably something you should have talked about prior to the trip. Regardless, make sure to voice your opinion. It's better to have a hard conversation now than to be in debt later.

6) Sleep: You should push yourself to do as much as possible when you're traveling--but not at the expense of your overall sleep patterns. If you pull an all-nighter to go out in Mykonos? Great. If you pull three in a row? Chances are that you are going to get sick and/or extremely annoyed with your travel companion the next day.

7) Actively take part in the planning process: If the two of you have equal voices being heard, then you won't hear sentences in arguments later such as,

"But you picked everything we're doing!"


"I really wanted to go here!"

8) Get off of social media: I personally hate how excited I get when I find free wifi. I also hate when I'm traveling with someone and all they do is utilize the free wifi at the restaurant instead of interacting with me. You're in another country. Get off of Facebook.

9) Always carry a wine tool: Despite your differences, you two should celebrate the fact that you are having such a great experience outside of the country together. Splurge on a bottle of wine and drink it outside of the Louvre.

10) Relax: Your life back home doesn't stop. You still often have to make deadlines and usually dread going home. But why think about that right now? You're in Brazil! Go celebrate! Live in the present and relax.