09/10/2012 09:16 am ET Updated Nov 10, 2012

Being Fully There

In these past few weeks at the University of Arizona, I have spent a considerable amount of time power-walking around campus, rushing from class to a club mixer to dinner with a friend. I'm becoming a pro multi-tasker and busybody, never fully focusing one just one thing at a time. And I really am enjoying this new lifestyle, even if I have to get coffee three times a day just to be able to function.

But recently, I came across a quote that really made me rethink my need to have my planner completely filled in: "Wherever you are, be there fully." The reason why this struck me is that I haven't been very good at being "fully there." Logically, it would seem that if you're able to balance multiple tasks at once, then it should be easy for you to simply focus on one thing at a time. But that's not the case, especially in this day and age where technology allows us to multitask constantly and being busy is considered admirable.

When our to-do lists seem endless, it's not very tempting to just do one task at time. I definitely understand this; I'm guilty of not being fully there on a daily basis. But after reading this quote, I decided to just watch a TV show. Not doing homework while watching it, not making to-do lists, journaling, or even texting, but just simply watching it. And, honestly, it was a good experience (well, as good as watching TV alone in your dorm can be). It was relaxing to slow down, focus, observe, and just be fully there.

So I can't guarantee I'll give up multi-tasking, power-walking around campus, and writing all over my planner, but I will try to find some time at least once a week to be fully there. It could be blogging, taking a walk, or even just watching a TV show. It could be pretty much anything so long as you simply focus on whatever and wherever you are at the moment, not thinking about that calculus exam next week (not to say that you should never be thinking about upcoming exams and due dates) or wondering if your crush has texted you back yet. So, as I embrace the hectic and caffeine-requiring college lifestyle, I'll try to find the time to be fully there, wherever I am and whatever I'm doing.