04/23/2014 10:14 pm ET Updated Jun 23, 2014

Some Dating Advice on Dating Advice

Sometimes, when I go without reading teen magazines or websites for a while, I forget that how much outdated dating advice is still out there. So, naturally, it shocks me to read some article called "10 Reasons Why You're Still Single," and have all these reasons revolve about how intimidating you are or how you're just not doing what guys find attractive in girls. Or, articles about what guys look for in girls. Or, how about those articles about what trends men don't find sexy? Or, maybe those ten tips on how to get a boyfriend by summer? (I don't know, but I guess summer is just the deadline for boyfriend-getting.)

And, I'm kind of surprised that these articles still exist. Each relationship starts in its own way. We can't put deadlines on when we're going to meet someone we genuinely like. We're all attracted to different senses of style. And, if you just like dressing up and being surrounded by your girlfriends, don't worry about seeming "intimidating." And, why would you ever want to start a relationship through doing things that are unfamiliar and uncomfortable to you, just because some magazine told you to? While it's easy to feel left out when you're the only single one of your friends, it's important to remind yourself that you shouldn't want a relationship solely for the purpose of not being single. Relationships, friendships, etc. are meant to be with people we're naturally compatible with, people that we enjoy being around, and people who understand and share our interests, whatever they may be.

I am not putting down the idea of trying to meet someone (although I am a firm believer that being single is underrated.) I am not saying that you shouldn't try to improve your fashion sense or flirting technique if you want to. I am just saying that you should meet someone on your own terms, doing what you love, wearing what you want. While "just be yourself" sounds like cliché advice that your parents told you on your first day of school, it's probably the best and the simplest way to express my thoughts on this whole "dating tips" issue. So, if your whole wardrobe consists only of clothes that some article says are unattractive, rock them. If you just like having fun girls' nights out and just really want to catch up with your friends, don't worry about seeming rude or scaring guys off. And, if you want to take none of this advice, that's fine. Because you know best about what you want in a relationship, not some fashion magazine or Internet blogger.