10/01/2014 10:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

4 Things You Need to Know to Get a Life You Love


A few years ago, I was a licensed lawyer who didn't want to practice law, in an unhappy relationship and feeling constantly fatigued despite my best efforts at exercise, eating well and getting plenty of sleep. I wasn't living a life I loved, to say the least.

So I spent hours (and hours and hours) buried in self-help books and listening in on personal growth teleseminars and webinars to try to make things better. Soon, I realized the craziest thing: There are actually proven, easy ways to get what I want. My dream relationship, life and body weren't just some fantasy.

And I had found the wise people who could show me exactly how to get it all.

It was like I had struck gold. I started implementing some of the small, simple tools I was learning. And that's when everything started turning around for me.

Before I knew it, I had created the space in my life to fall in love, I launched a company with my mom that resonated with my true passions, and could finally stay awake long enough to enjoy it all.

And then all I wanted to do was talk incessantly about the simple stuff that transformed my life. To friends and family -- everyone and anyone that would listen.

So I went to my mom to figure out how to really share this amazing advice (we had a company based on inspiration and transformation already... we just needed to connect some dots). We put our heads together and voila -- the Borrowed Wisdom World Summit online interview series was born.

I'm now spending the next 12 weeks interviewing the personal growth and wellness experts that changed my life. (And some celebs, too).

Getting to talk directly to the people that have changed my life is insane enough -- getting to share their wisdom with my community and the world is even better.

So I thought I'd pass along to you some of the incredible wisdom they're imparting over my next several blog posts.

Here are the top four things I learned from my first few weeks of expert interviewees:

1. An event on its own doesn't have meaning. YOU give it meaning -- good, bad, or otherwise. Stop giving events meaning.

We all do this all the time. Something happens and we immediately give it meaning: he didn't call back right away, then he doesn't like me that much! She didn't say thank you. Then she doesn't appreciate me! I could go on forever with my own examples... try to catch yourself before you assign meaning to the events in your life. Our belief expert Shelly Lefkoe asked me: What would you feel like if you didn't give an event meaning? Umm, great! It's liberating!

2. An idea comes to you because it wants to be manifested by you. You are given the dreams that you're supposed to live.

Some of us have the craziest ideas (like: go to law school and spend a ton of money and time and then never practice law and do something completely unrelated and different). Success expert Debra Poneman says don't discount your ideas -- wild or not. They're coming to you for a reason.

3. You can actually change your entire hormone system just from the food you eat. You can fix your fertility, regulate your cycle, get rid of acne, increase your energy... the list goes on. Artificial hormones are Band-Aid solutions to underlying problems -- but food can change the game. Simple changes can completely transform how you feel and how your body functions. Hormone expert Alisa Vitti cured her polycystic ovarian syndrome with food alone! And now she's been doing it for thousands of women. It's amazing.

4. Happiness can be learned. You have a genetic happiness set point, but you can manipulate it by implementing super easy happiness habits.
Happiness can feel so elusive; the happiness habits make you feel like you have finally have control. I have implemented some of the happiness habits that our happiness expert Marci Shimoff recommends and I cannot express what a difference it has made.

5. Meditation can actually wake you up! And it's way easier than you think. Doing it every day will change your stress levels, help you sleep better, work better, enjoy healthier, happier relationships, manifest your heart's desires and live your life fully. When I got into the self-help world, I was surrounded by meditators. And completely intimidated by them. But meditation expert Sarah McLean made meditation seem accessible and totally do-able. Now I meditate every day and I feel like a different person as a result. It's actually energizing!

If you want to hear all the interviews you can opt-in for free here. You'll get tons of transformational gems from the experts. And this is just the beginning -- stay tuned.

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