A Sweet Crepe From La Crepe!

The Oxbow in downtown Napa is a true foodie emporium that just found its groove, and... it took a while. Today, it is packed on the weekends with locals and thrill-seekers looking to taste, try, and be delighted. And much like the Ferry Building in San Francisco, it is becoming the hub of the emerging Napa community and a must-visit destination for the gastronomically inclined and out-of- town visitors. There is just so much to love and something for everyone -- especially my small children.

My gang has a true method to our madness -- and here is how it shakes down: One parent minds the kids and stalks a table, while the other (usually me) races through the building ordering the following:

All this happens if we don't go to Gott's... But we usually wait to do that in St. Helena, so not to blow our whole wad of options.

Oxbow Public Market,
644 First Street,
Napa, CA 94559,
hours vary

Photo Credit: Nicole Mcintosh Bruce