08/27/2013 01:38 pm ET Updated Oct 27, 2013

America's War on Syria: They Can Start It but Who Can Stop It

The breeze of war is hitting the Middle East once again; the U.S. this time is planning to hit Syria, a country where a bloody civil war is already being fought between the regime and the armed opposition. To Washington the war is justified, the regime according to Secretary of State John Kerry launched chemical weapons on its people, though an international fact finding committee is still trying to get clues from the field to conclude its awaited report.

People in the region are on their nerves these days, with everyone thinking of the consequences of such a war. Many fear the military campaign on Assad's military posts might ignite a regional war that might claim the lives of tens of thousands not only in Syria, but in Lebanon, Iran, and Israel too. Is the U.S. and its allies thinking of this, are they taking in consideration that such a war might start willingly, but might never end, Afghanistan is one good example.

For almost three years, a civil war in Syria claimed the lives of more than 100 thousand people according to numbers provided by the UN and human rights groups. The war involved tens of thousands of fighters, many of them foreigners, some on the regime's side and others with the opposition. Those with the regime include Lebanese group Hezbollah who is known for its huge arsenal of rockets, many of which can hit any Israeli post from Kiryat Shmona in the North to Eilat on the borders with Egypt. Another main Assad ally is Iran, the U.S.' longtime foe in the region, who's capable of striking all U.S. bases in the gulf in case it decided to enter the war.

Iran and Hezbollah both together can spark a regional war that might never end, this might cost tens of thousands of lives, if not hundreds of thousands given the type of weapons all parties in the region acquire, this might involve the same chemical weapons the U.S. is using as a pretext to launch its game changing war. The implications of such a war will be seen on the prices of oil and fuel, with the Strait Hormuz probably closed by the Iranians, who'll be looking for any chance to pressure the alliance that will be fighting the war.

It's almost confirmed a war in the region is about to spark, it's almost confirmed that many of our children and beloved ones might be killed, it's almost confirmed that toppling Assad might burn the whole region and take it into an unknown destiny, something maybe much worse than what we are witnessing nowadays.