10/07/2013 08:54 pm ET Updated Dec 07, 2013

Law of the Land Keeping 'Murica Safe During Government Shutdown

It is a dark, dark time for our country. The government has shut down. The shadow government is feasting on pate and champagne. Brody is on the run while Carrie is locked up in a mental ward.

Have I mixed up fact with fiction? Sorry, I've been watching too much cable news lately.

Luckily, there are operatives, who are working through this shut down, to track the evil doers in our Homeland. For the CIA never stops working -- except during happy hour.

Meet anti-terrorist CIA officer Phoebe Rose Quackenberry. She works tirelessly with her team of 2.0 surveillance morons, her mentor Shalom and the new guy, Guy. She will stop at nothing, do anything and ANYONE... to keep 'Murica safe.

Law Of The Land, presented by David Cross and Syd Butler.