02/23/2016 06:50 pm ET Updated Feb 23, 2017

Can Food Be Art?

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Fine dining has often been viewed as an art form unto itself -- but can any food be art?

Leading chefs, like Franklin Becker of Little Beet would say absolutely. "Thats what I do for a living," Becker explains. "I express art through food, my own art"

Casey Cohen of SALIDO, a restaurant management platform, agrees that we should view food through an artistic lens. "Watching chefs putting together different dishes," she explains, "we're able to see art in many different ways"

And now it is not just top chefs expressing themselves through food. Chefs like Becker have teamed up to showcase food as an art form for those with special needs. Debbie Stone of Pop.Earth explains, "It's a sensory experience, it's a creative experience. It's just another way for them to express themselves."

So watch the video above to learn more and see how food can be art in a multitude of ways

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