09/10/2014 08:04 am ET Updated Nov 10, 2014

Celebrities Share Their French Dining Secrets

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Paris is a city full of sights and sounds, but there's nothing better to see or do than eat! From croissants to cheese, it's hard not to daydream when thinking of Parisian cuisine.

The new movie, My Old Lady, starring Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith and Kristin Scott Thomas is a dramedy set against the backdrop of Paris. So at the film's premiere we got some of the film's stars and fans to open up about their favorite Parisian cuisine. From Kevin Kline's go-to restaurant, to Glenn Close's croissants to Royal Pains' Mark Feuerstein discussing desserts, its hard not to want to immediately book a ticket.

So watch the video above to get swept up in Paris!

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