06/18/2012 07:30 pm ET Updated Aug 18, 2012

Over 500 Signatures Demanding a Town Hall in Aurora Delivered to Rep. Coffman

A group of constituents presented Representative Mike Coffman with a petition asking for a town hall meeting in Aurora. The petition has more than 500 signatures and comments requesting the Congressman meet with citizens and answer their questions. Representative Coffman has yet to hold a public forum in Aurora in 2012, even though there have been seven Congressional recesses designated as home district work periods.

Thomas Delon, an Air Force and Coast Guard veteran, handed the petition to the Congressman's staff saying, "Congressman Coffman will be on my ballot this November and I have no idea where he stands on the issues that matter to me. This week is when he should be accessible to us, but he's not. We can't find him anywhere. He hasn't held any public events in Aurora, he's never at his office, he doesn't return phone calls, and he hasn't given the people a chance to ask him questions.

We want to hear from him. We deserve to have our questions answered and our voices heard."

One of the people who signed the petition, Jean Muckey of Aurora, added a comment to her signature, "The rich have what I have, one single vote, so why won't you give me the same representation??"

Colorado Fair Share also released a new Where's Mike video to show Congressman Mike Coffman a couple of locations for a town hall with his constituents, including a library and a local school. In an attempt to find him, Coffman's constituents have previously visited the golf course in his backyard, the office of an oil and gas company that's a major contributor, and reached out to his office to see if he was making any public appearances or town halls, but couldn't get an answer. Videos of the attempts have been posted on Colorado Fair Share's Facebook page and YouTube channel.


Petition & Videos:

"Where's Mike", Episode 6, Scouting Locations:


500 Ppl Demand Town Hall!