05/19/2015 04:01 pm ET Updated May 19, 2016

Maison Boggiani's Open It's Doors in Paraguay

Maison Boggiani from Aline Pimentel on Vimeo.

I recently went to Paraguay and was invited to the opening for Asuncion's hottest new fashion destination, Maison Boggiani. This beautiful space is the country's first foray into luxury fashion. It will ultimately house five high-end brands but has initially launched with two, BCBG and Longchamp, with Ferragamo slated next later this year.

Belen Vierci, the founder of Maison Boggiani, aims to impress and set a new standard for luxury shopping in her city. She tapped local architect and interior designer Francesco Gallarini to infuse his world-class style into the project. Mr. Gallarini has an extraordinary background, having studied in one of the world's top architectural schools and worked with the likes of Giorgio Armani and Matteo Thun. With such outstanding credentials, it's no wonder that Maison Boggiani is such a beautiful work that will undoubtedly thrill visitors for years to come.

The launch party for Maison Boggiani was a momentous event that attracted top fashion journalists and celebrities, including Olivia Palermo. It included a fashion show that put on display the Maison's new fashion brands, while incorporating a Latin flair and adeptly highlighting some local style as well.

By attracting brands not found in neighboring areas and delivering a luxury experience that rivals stores in major fashion hubs, Maison Boggiani has officially put Asuncion on the world fashion map.