10/10/2012 07:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Conversation With Richard Haines

Blogs about street fashion are all over the Web now... most are run by photographers... and then there's "What I Saw Today," a blog that documents street fashion via a charcoal pencil and paper. How refreshingly low-tech! Meet the man behind this blog: Richard Haines. He is an illustrator who travels all over the world sketching stylish people.

Richard started drawing as a young child and says his interest in fashion developed early as well. This interest caused him to marvel at the clean, sharp, decorative uniforms his father wore during his service in the U.S. Navy. Well, Richard figured out a way to combine these two childhood interests and develop a prosperous career. He has been commissioned to illustrate for the likes of Perry Ellis, JCrew, Prada and many others. Also, he is represented by one of the most respectable fashion agencies in New York: Jed Root.

Richard decided to start his blog about six years ago. The attention it generated has propelled him even higher in the fashion world. Now he is a regularl fixture at many of the most prestigious fashion shows in the world, where he sketches models walking the runways. He completes his sketches in lightening speed fashion, yet his illustrations are clean and refined. His works are as edgy and trendy as those of the fashion designers he documents.

I sat down with Richard for an interview in his Brooklyn apartment to learn more about his childhood, inspirations, career and family. Admittedly I was a bit nervous, but I am thrilled to have learned a bit more about this important artist who continues to make waves in the world of fashion. Enjoy!

Video by Bruno Ilogti