A Ride With Zebra Katz - New Album

I met Ojay Morgan, aka Zebra Katz, back in 2012 when he invited me to style his music video. I got super excited to work with a new musician who has a such unique way of expressing his work. Since collaborating with him, he has become a friend whose talent I truly admire and respect.

If you've spent time lately reading the music blogs, or you happen to like fashion and know the designer Rick Owens, you've likely already heard of Zebra. The rising star's debut in the fashion world was no less than Paris Fashion Week, with his "Ima Read" single. Since then, the 26 year old has been working and touring non stop, all over the world. I recently interviewed Zebra about his breakout hit's history, unexpected success, and inspirations, as well as about how he plans to top it.