12/26/2012 08:27 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2013

How One Woman Slowly Turned Her Parents' Entire House Into Her Own Closet (PHOTOS)

Most of us have a closet -- or some sort of small space dedicated to cordoning off and protecting our precious pieces of clothing. Some of us are lucky enough to have a space large enough to walk inside that houses our garments, but, very few of us -- I can only think of one -- have five rooms in their house dedicated to their wardrobe.

My friend Lindsay is in her early twenties, so I'm not sure if her obsession with clothes is just a phase or if she's going to have to eventually buy her clothes their own house -- but for now, she's living at home with her parents, and it's a good thing they've got some spare space for her stylish stuff.

Attached to her bedroom is her real closet, and by real, I mean what was intended to be her only closet. It's a decent-sized nook connected to her bathroom with several racks and a set of drawers. In there, hangers are pressed against each other like sardines and shoes overflow from their designated shelving into baskets on the floor.

Lindsay's bedroom looks like a fashion closet at a magazine. There's an industrial rolling rack, a vanity table covered in more make-up than you'll find at Sephora and a shoe rack anchoring the foot of her bed. Her "desk" is buried under acrylic jewelry displays, and serves as more of a showcase for her accessories than a place to conduct any sort of work.

Down the hall, she's convinced her parents to transform a home office into another closet-type area, mainly for dresses. Again, she's managed to haul in a rolling rack that sits alongside a desk, a TV and other home office-y things. Lindsay's older brother no longer lives at home which means that his clothes don't live there either. As she sees it, he's left her an additional closet to occupy. With some of her brother's old sports memorabilia crowded onto one shelf, Lindsay has deemed the remainder of his closet worthy of her "fancy" possessions, like her Monique Lhuillier prom dress from five years ago.

While coats and jackets are used less frequently in Southern California than most parts of the world, Lindsay hasn't taken that to mean she needs fewer of them. But of course, that also means they need a place to hibernate, so they can be found in her family's basement -- except, they don't all fit on one hanging rod, they require two. Amid gardening gadgets, gift wrapping supplies and holiday decorations, Lindsay's fifth makeshift closet occupies more real estate than most people reside in.

So what's next? She's got her younger brother's room, a dining room and a living room to occupy before pulling a Carrie Bradshaw and using her family's oven as shoe storage.

Her Closet Is Taking Over The Whole House

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