09/25/2013 12:07 pm ET Updated Nov 25, 2013

Lena Dunham's Red Carpet Curse

Sure, we've all decided on our favorite looks from the Emmy's. Some of us even had opinions before the stars set foot out of their cars. Like me with Lena Dunham. I always know she's going to look mildly disheveled. Is that fair? No. Is it true? Yes.

I'm not sure if it's the character Hannah on HBO's Girls that I can't seem to separate from real life Lena Dunham, because after all, how different are they? Or if it's the barrage of tattoos (is that a dilapidated tree house on her back?) that distract me from whatever gown she's wearing. Could it be that I know her hair is going to look a teeny bit greasy and her makeup will likely overpower her face? Possibly. But why don't I feel this way about Claire Danes, who plays an equally psychologically unstable character? And one who is literally sleeping with the enemy, which is far worse than sleeping with hipsters in Brooklyn.

When Lena Dunham waddled her way across the red carpet in her teal Prada gown, I was rather apathetic about it. The dress didn't call to me, I dismissed its loose trash bag silhouette, and found myself questioning her choice to wear intense metallic eyeshadow, the same shade as her rosebud-clad gown. Her hair looked the best it has yet, cleaner and more polished than I've seen it before. One point, Lena!

For the record, I often wonder what celebrities were thinking when they tousle their hair for red carpet events or do big fancy up-do's that look too regal for a queen from the 1500s.

Once she said she was wearing Prada, I immediately thought, if anyone else, Claire Danes, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Kerry Washington or January Jones were wearing it, would I hate it so much? No! The dress itself isn't bad. It's feminine, flowy, bright and perfect for a late summer celebration. And, if anyone else had worn it, it wouldn't be on the worst-dressed lists the morning after the award show.

Claire Danes' Armani Prive dress wasn't exactly the most figure flattering, but everyone is able to distinguish the difference between her psychotic character and her lovely charming actual self.

Do you think Lena Dunham has ever aced the red carpet? If so, which look is your favorite?