Yes, Ugg Boots Really Are That Bad, And Yes, I Wear Them Happily (PHOTOS)

I may be settling for Ugg-ly footwear. But the truth is, my feet have never been happier.
02/19/2013 08:47 am ET Updated Apr 21, 2013

When I lived in New York City, it was so cold that I had a wealth of winter weather shoes, each warmer than the next. I had L.L. Bean boots, specifically deemed for freshly fallen snow, No. 6 shearling-lined clog boots for hard-packed snow that caked the city's sidewalks and a bunch of other boots for everyday occasions, like my Adrienne Vittadini riding boots and my mid-calf grey Frey booties.

Now that I'm an Angeleno, I've been inadvertently swept into the unfortunate style statement that is Ugg boots. It gets cold, and they keep my feet toasty, but it must be said that they're less-than-attractive. What a dilemma! It never rains here and it obviously doesn't snow, which means that my East Coast winter kicks would be overkill in drought-laden L.A., even though they might be cuter.

Before Uggs became like underwear, with everyone stocking multiple pairs, I had a pair of chestnut ultras. I remember only bringing them out of the depths of my closet on rainy days (which makes no sense in hindsight, because they're not waterproof). I wouldn't have dreamed of keeping them by the door for easy access, wearing them to movies, supermarkets or a nice restaurant. But my ... how times have changed.

It seems that here in L.A., Ugg boots are a staple. My uniform consists of sweaters, jeans and my Uggs, partially for the ease of slipping them on, and partially because I've convinced myself they're not as hideous as a clunky sheepskin boot really is.

If I'm headed to the gym, I wear my tall dark brown Uggs; if I'm out for a day of errands, I tuck my jeans into my short classic chestnut pair, and even in my house, I've resorted to wearing black Ugg moccasin-style slippers. Thankfully, my puppy just ate the laces on one of the slippers, so they now look much more authentic and lived-in, or as I classify it, cooler because now they're one-of-a-kind.

As someone who cares about her appearance and staying on top of the latest trends, I may be settling for Ugg-ly footwear. But the truth is, my feet have never been happier.

I'm not the only one who can't help myself. Check out these Ugg-wearing celebrities.

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