08/28/2014 10:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Finding Art in Everyday Life

Some people just know they are good at something. They find it while they are young, they find it easy and they excel. Not me. I love being creative, but I have never considered myself an artist or much of an original crafter. I have enjoyed drawing, dabbled in a little ceramic work (failure by the way), tried my hand at short story writing but nothing ever seemed to fit. I was a creative square peg trying to fit into an artistic round hole. I needed an outlet, but failed to find one.

It wasn't until I stumbled onto Photoshop that I found my niche, digital editing. The ability to take a photo of something rather benign and create an image that speaks excited me. I was discovering that more than anything it was just the simple everyday moments where I was finding inspiration.

Who see's art in a little girl running down a dirt road?


I did.

A tornado in Idaho?
Not likely, but why not just create one?


A mundane bedtime routine moment?


I saw something there too.

My eyes had become open to something that was there the whole time.

Alishia Osborn can be contacted via her photography blog