01/20/2015 04:56 pm ET Updated Mar 22, 2015

Start Succeeding by Starting

"I don't know if I should."

"If I try this, and it fails, what will people think?

"Why I am doing this?"

Doubts and questions easily run through our minds at a rapid rate. As women, we second guess ourselves constantly. Those questions keep us cornered, so we don't know where to turn next. But success is very close. We just have to take action. It will not be perfect, but taking the action to start shows the universe we as women have what it takes to be a success.

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to start. Start taking care of yourself. Start making yourself a priority. Start doing that thing you have always dreamed of. Start.

Why is starting so important? Here are several reasons to consider. It is in that starting where you will find the energy, the fuel, the inspiration and the joy to keep going. This energy is what will keep us going to get to where we want to be. It is in taking that starting action that we become all that we have dreamed of being.

Starting also gives us confidence. We tell ourselves, "Well, if could do this, then I can certainly do that." We are able to see that we are capable of doing exactly what we have hoped our lives would be. It is with that confidence that we are able to keep moving, to keep doing all that needs to get done.

Most importantly, starting proves to ourselves that we are able to work through all those fears. We are able to say I will take action, even if I don't know where this will take me. I know I don't have all the answers and I will still start to do the thing I have dreamed of doing. I will learn along the way.

Let's visualize taking the first step. Clear off your desk. Make space on your bookshelf for your first book. Make a list of three things you would like to accomplish this year. Then start. I did with both the businesses I have started, and it was amazing what happened after started. I figured out where I was going even though I had no idea when I began. You will figure it out, too!

So often I look into women's eyes and want to say "I believe in you." I want you to close your eyes and say that to yourself. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Why not just decide to live life like that for a little while? Believing in your abilities is powerful. It will get you going faster that you ever thought possible.

Start by choosing one thing today, or maybe even two. Tomorrow maybe try another. Don't get caught in the -- "there is a million things to do so I can't do two" thinking. (It's easy to do -- I have to side-step it almost weekly.) Know that there will be people who wonder, who don't necessarily believe in what you are doing, but also know- you are worth believing in.