08/26/2014 04:41 pm ET Updated Oct 26, 2014

Escape From Silicon Valley

It's been a very long time, but once again I seem to be redefining my life from top to bottom. I've done it before, you know. My life includes time spent as a DJ, a filmmaker, a photographer, an author, an engineer, a manager and a technical writer. Yes, I've had a wonderfully checkered past.

But now I find myself leaning forward, breaking away from that past and running headfirst into a life that is new and, as yet, unformed. I've entered a virtual incubator of my own making, while I ponder and work and remember what it means to listen to my heart, my soul. And I wait to realize that I'm on the other side, transformed into the new thing.

I needed this. My quality of life had been sorely lacking for the last several years in Silicon Valley. Living with soul-crunching traffic, an absurd cost of living, a toxic work environment, and some heartbreaking family issues took a toll. Oh, and let's throw a bitter divorce into the mix, what the heck. Yes, definitely time to shake things up a little. Ok... a lot.

To that end, about three months ago, I packed up and moved all my worldly goods down a very small town on the central coast of California. And we are talking a small town. Strangers saying "hi" small. Zero traffic small. Room to breathe small. A&W Root Beer small.

And in this small town, I am experiencing a deep slow down. A silicon detox, if you will. I finally have time to let my mind wander, to appreciate nature and small corners of beauty that I haven't noticed in years. Creativity is flowing out of me and into my projects. Often, I'll start working early in the morning, and before I know it, it's dinnertime. I have found new passion.

My friend Ellen says I'm moving from high tech to "high touch," essentially moving from the tech world to a world where, at least part of the time, I'm working with my hands. Digital to semi-analog and all that. Finding some sorely needed balance in my life.

So this is my journey. My journey of transformation. I'm not sure where this ride will ultimately take me but I find I'm excited, challenged, and happy. Onward...