07/15/2010 05:22 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Take the Gas Drilling Quiz: What's Your Water Quotient?

The HBO on Demand documentary, Gasland, alerts millions to "fracking," the cute nickname for hydraulic fracturing, a form of gas drilling that has swept the nation, blithely leaving behind bewildered citizens, irate legislators, and contaminated water in 34 states.

Since it was first used in arid regions of the Southwest, it's impact in rainy, hilly regions, has never been thoroughly studied for environmental impact, but gas drillers (along with rural farmers signing away their rights hoping to win the gas lottery) are urging New York State legislators to bypass planned EPA studies and green light the gas bonanza.

This week comes the fateful decision. Will New York State legislators bring up the proposed two year ban for a vote, or allow it die in committee before their six month recess? Will they agree to a one year "compromise" ban so that they can reshuffle the legislative deck in next November's elections? Are downstream city dwellers immune from fracking chemicals in their water supplies? Let's find out!

What's Your Water Quotient: Take the Gas Drilling Quiz

1. Who makes fracking fluid? (Halliburton or Celestial Seasonings?)
2. Who exempted fracking fluid from Safe Drinking Water regulation (Dick Cheney or the Little Mermaid)
3.How much fracking fluid stays in ground after drilling? (85% or a few drops of holy water)
4. What's in fracking fluid? (Nearly 600 hundred proprietary toxic chemicals or the same ingredients in your mouthwash)
4. Geology of upstate NY drilling locale near watershed? Multiple choice:
a. Rivers that flow downstate to NY, NJ, and Philly
b. Rainy zone on hurricane path with seasonal flooding and little flood control near upstate watershed
c. Water confined within red Sharpie lines drawn on map by politicians
5. What's protecting NYC watershed from drilling?
a."Promise" by Chesapeake Gas
b. "Promise" of case by case impact studies by NYS Dept of Enviro Conservation -- yes, they're the ones who promised drillers to fast track gassing by December
6. Guess who'll contribute big time to November election of State legislators? Fill in the blank__________________
7. Guess which state may turn red with big infusion gas money? __________________
8. Guess which downstate residents may get a big surprise when poor upstate residents sell land and waterways in gas lottery?_______________________
9. Fracking will affect the water supplies or how many people? (17 million or 1,000 upstate residents of rural communities)
10. What about upstate organic, local, and sustainable agriculture? (Decimated or Not to worry, we'll grow vegetables and fruits hydroponically on a rooftop in Greenpoint, using water trucked in from Canada)

Sum total: Guess anyone in New York, New Jersey, or Philadelphia, better call legislators this week if they like drinking water.

Take action now to ask for environmental impact studies prior to fast tracking.

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