11/06/2014 05:28 pm ET Updated Jan 06, 2015

How Having Friends Who Do Yoga Has Helped Me

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Good company always makes a journey pleasanter. That applies even when the journey in question is the one to "yogi-hood." In fact, I'd say it is especially true for such a journey because in my experience (limited as it is), yoga isn't for the faint-hearted. A thirst for adventure and a passion for the divine have kept me rolling along, but I've also been supported in liberal doses by my friends who are "yoga nuts," too.

There's many little things this group has done for me, but let me point out four ways how having a support group of fellow wannabe-yogis has made my life easier and simpler.

Wake-up Calls
Waking up early in the morning has most definitely not gotten any easier, but at least I do wake up now instead of just hitting the snooze button and covering myself with a blanket. My friends have helped me stay hooked to my practice and ensured I don't skip out on my yoga because I'm lazy, sleepy or otherwise generally disinclined.

Staying Informed
I've learned a whole lot of things I wouldn't have found out by myself, or even if I had, would probably have taken a lot longer to figure out after much trial-and-error. For example, my friends pointed me in the right direction where I could get genuine rudraksha beads -- my first yoga "accessory" after my yoga mat. (I already had yoga pants before I got into yoga. They were just so comfy!)

I also learnt the trick of keeping my body comfortable when I sit to meditate for longer periods of time. I had always been using my mat as is, until one of my friends pointed out that I'd be much more comfortable if I used a small cushion or a folded cloth to raise my body a few inches above my legs. And voila! My knees weren't cursing me 25 minutes into my meditation anymore. They stay quiet for 45 minutes now.

Learning Cool New Words!
Seriously! I like saying chakra, nadi and kundalini! But this isn't about just spouting obscure terms to impress people around you. Thanks to my friends, I've read a bit more on what yoga is and how the body is seen in yogic physiology. Even though I may not experience my nadis or any of the other stuff yet, reading about things such as how the chakras are actually 114 in number, has inspired (and confused) me to stay focused on my practice. Maybe one day I will experience these things too.

Your Friends Will Owe You
If you've managed to hook some of your friends onto yoga, especially if you had to nag them for a year and now they just can't get enough of it, they owe you big time. You can always call in a major favor when you need it!

Ultimately, in my experience, my yoga is about me and me alone. It's a solo affair and my well-being is mine to craft. No one else can actually do the work for me. But the path becomes easier when there is support around you to keep you chugging along, so that you don't drop off when you hit a low, or get too elated and lose track when you are too high.