11/13/2013 06:27 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Canceled Health Insurance? No Problem!

Watching the birth of Obamacare was like going inside a restaurant's kitchen: we didn't want to know that much about the process. We were revolted by the buying and selling of votes. We watched extortion by the last "undecided's" in Congress. We couldn't understand the complex, cobbled-together mess of a final law. No wonder about the reaction, especially from the right.

BUT: the goal of near universal health coverage still is right for the country, and in the absence of reasonable alternatives which accomplish the goal, we have to work with what we have. Thirty million uninsured depend upon it. All of us need the improvements brought by the law, such as coverage for pre-existing conditions.

No surprise that the web site does not work, or that it will take too long to fix. I managed Federal IT projects for years, and continually wondered at government-wide projects poorly managed, and over budgets and schedules. Plus, the frequent lack of common-sense and expertise by contractors.

So, here we are with insurers canceling coverage for many, with no immediate replacements.

No problem! Here is a fix which could be implemented quickly: emergency legislation.

  • All those whose insurance is canceled immediately and automatically will be enrolled in Medicare (waiving the age requirements).
  • Insurance companies will be required to send copies of their cancellation notices to Medicare, for processing of Medicare accounts and cards.
  • Continuous coverage will be guaranteed, including payment for services required before Medicare processing is complete.
  • People will be able to use their cancellation notices as interim Medicare cards.

Now, all we need is a willing Congress...