06/26/2014 11:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hard Choices of Radical Candor


While the political party voters locked out of the Oval Office declare Obama's Presidency over he continues to quietly and without applause rack up admirable accomplishments through executive orders, their focus heightens on Hillary Clinton. Republican verbal drone attacks with soul killing surgical accuracy are burning laser size holes into Hillary's book tour radical candor narrative. A newer Hillary marketing herself as less formulated, more honest, emotionally available, and still smarter than most must be packing crushed ice under her one-color political politician uniforms to maintain her coolness. She insists her public emergence is about "Hard Choices," spoken as she admitted in a Diane Sawyer interview, with radical candor and absent the old second-guessing-wanting-to-be-liked Hillary. Hillary found the mountain, climbed it, and now sits on it above the pettiness of mere political mortals.

I've been around the political block enough times to finally accept that "you" don't get to live under the government you want, "you" get to live under the government you have. The vast majority of our elected officials work for the same interests, some of which benefit me directly, but most of which view me as an insignificant captive with a finite amount of funds and political energy.

It is my turn for some radical candor so I say without anger or malaise but with a degree of regret, Hillary Clinton is absolutely embedded in this system, just as Barack Obama and the whole gang of wannabes. Therefore, Hillary Clinton is not on a listening tour. Hillary is on a talking tour to talk about what she is not going to offer in words, just yet. Armed with her book entitled "Hard Choices" Hillary has emerged to reintroduce herself perfectly spaced in time, wedged cleverly midway between departing as Secretary of State and announcing her candidacy for president. And boy does she sound good. She has great stories to tell. Hillary has explanations for her hard choices for extremely complex issues, sharing them with details, humility, smartness, big smiles and warmth. We are going to have to wait a bit though, for her next hard choice, when to make it official. It must be hard being the most qualified in most of the qualified measurements, and the most ambitious and patient person so fixated on crashing another glass ceiling for women, God and country.

Hillary looks poised, rested, confident, and finally more comfortable in her skin. I admit to being a strong Hillary advocate back in 2008. And offering more radical candor. I admit to enough anxiety over the prospects for America with her as president in 2016. If I can't really have a true outsider divorced from the hidden forces orchestrating our system then at least I can ask for a fresher more passionate and outraged progressive radical fighter against the Big Money machine. I want someone who is not carrying so much baggage, entitlement, cronyism and regardless of how many times they get a political make-over they still sound like a worn oldies but goodies record where you can hear the scratches and it gives you the bad kind of goose bumps. I am dreaming of Elizabeth Warren, a way more difficult hard choice for Americans.