09/30/2013 05:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Insane Health Care Game


Time to remember why health care has been on the legislative operation table for 50-plus years, and why it is time to put the Affordable Care Act to work. Simply put, for a nation as wealthy as ours, everyone ought to be covered, covered equally, and with access to an approximate quality of care. The health care system has been a broken embarrassment. Republicans trying to kill Obamacare and discredit the president by doing so never put forth such effort to lead and correct the dysfunctional system. Obamacare is most likely far from perfect, but let's stop holding the country's economic health hostage, fund the government, give Obamacare some time, and make improvements as needed. The congress arguing against trusting government is insane. I do trust government, to waste money, dabble in corruption, but also while they are at it, to run the affairs of the state, and look out for the common interests of its people, at least enough times to maintain a sense of civility. I do not however trust corporations, such as the insurance industry driven by a for-profit health care system to look out for my best interests. A healthy society with a firm foundation of the necessities of life equally distributed at or above a federal minimal standard is a happy and safe society. Congress said no to dropping bombs where weapons of mass destruction were found, said yes to dropping bombs where weapons were a total fabricated mythology, and now can't stop dropping political bombs to subvert a societal correction way over due. I suggest one other attempt at experimentation, give congress back to the Democrats in 2014 as a premium payment for stepping in a healthy direction.