06/16/2015 06:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

More "Notorious" Please


Nail biting stress season is sizzling with suspense as the Supremes on the Court secretly work on dotting the "i-s" and crossing the "t-s" on their immensely vital rulings before sliding out of the summer heat of Washington D.C. We all like a good dose of adrenaline scary entertainment, but this docket of legal thriller decisions may be bad for one's health and constitution. Just as "Affordable Care" may return to pre-existing, hospitals may experience a surge of admissions from SCOTUS-related syndrome while we wait like wanting patients in an emergency room for hopeful news.

The Supreme Court is positioned to rule on lifestyle to death-style issues, any of which can send post-traumatic seismic tremors that reach every family. I thank my lucky stars that the tenacious, notorious, and Justice-of-the-people, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is still occupying one of the nine court thrones.

Over the last several years, silly folks have tried to pressure her to retire in order to preserve her "liberal" seat by giving President Obama another appointment before the unknown outcome of the 2016 election. There is a majority in fear in the land over the prospect that the existing conservative five majority could extend to six, and greater alter the court imbalance toward corporate and conservative interests. So much so, they were willing to throw RBG under the bus.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg came to the Supreme Court via a President Clinton nomination in 1993. Although she is 82 years old and continues to combat serious health issues, Justice Ginsburg has emerged as a national treasure and enjoys celebrity-level status from across the American stratified demographics because of her fairness, her intelligence and her advocacy for rightness. There is no case to be made that she is unqualified to continue her service on the Supreme Court. As much as I loath Justice Scalia's judicial perspective and his appearance of arrogance, I feel a bit reassured that there may be more to him than we get to experience knowing that he, and Justice Ginsburg are close friends that enjoy dining together with frequency. Is there another such legal equal that can unwind with wine and dine while whisper in his "left" ear?

As we await our end of the legal season verdicts, let us all assess and be reminded of how important our Supreme Court is, how vital a president's opportunity to shape their legacy and the nation's future is by their power of appointment, and be ever so vigilant in demanding of every presidential candidate what their judicial philosophy is, and how that will factor into what sort of Supreme Court appointment they would make. Hillary clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders have already made this a central issue in their candidacies. In the past, candidates have sound bit about the Supreme Court as a play to their base. Let us voters be sure to vet this issue thoroughly until we hear from these presidential hopefuls, that they will insist on "Notorious RBG" types, please.