10/13/2014 07:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Obamaola' Virus Sweeps the Nation


Little disgusts me more than spineless politicians spewing elect-me slogans field tested to slap negativity on their opponent while laminating sugar over their own record. Both Democrats and Republicans excel at this. But for this high-stakes election cycle racing to a nail-biting photo finish, Democrats are again proving why Republicans have an edge. Republicans have unwavering broken-record and deep passionate convictions for their ideology. Democrats do not. Democrats are afraid to brag about the many Obama successes and have yet to fulfill legislative agendas.

Whereas not all is great on planet America and President Obama has disappointed, there is no way our nation would be so well positioned with any of the Republican alternatives. America is strong, stable, and far from the "Hell" Republicans claim. With a more collaborative governing attitude by Republicans, societal indicators would be even better by now. Every dire, dreadful, America-is-coming-to-an-end, thorny talking point about Democrat Obama's governing -- no matter how distorted, fabricated, or investigated by Republican led Congressional Committees -- has failed to materialize or come close. Republicans just keep dropping talking points found taxed out by overwhelming facts and distort their new adopted latest news cycle item to eviscerate Obama's credibility and ratings. I admit President Obama has missed a few critical calls, stated positions that he waffled later on, and deservedly has folks viewing his administration with growing skepticism. Part of this is second term American's president fatigue syndrome, part of a result of the Republican's ceaseless pounding him, part human inevitabilities, and part deserved, as I stated.

Now at the home stretch of our elections, Republicans are spewing the most vial and disrespectful stink bombs at Obama. Because of him, Ebola and ISIS are invading the homeland by seeping through the southern border and landing at airports ready to "angel of death" all of us. Democrats up for election are running away and hiding from President Obama. No Obama hugs or name-dropping for these politicians. No Obama appearances at campaign rallies. No Democrats willing to publicly run on or embrace the president's many successes, admirable positions, and intelligent measured decision-making style.

Oddly, once again, we see former President Bill Clinton tirelessly trying to lift Democrats to hold onto the Senate and other critical offices. Once again, only Bill Clinton can articulate why Republicans deserve to get punished at the polls and why Democrats are ideologically correct for America's prosperity and future. It is still the "Slick Willy Show" while sadly, Obama not lame, but ducks, as even Ebola can feed Republican's absurd ugly fear attacks successfully against their President Obamaola. Bill Clinton is still the last standing Democrat's best weapon to contain the Obamaola virus, 2014.