05/16/2014 05:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Star's War Benghazi Is No Watergate


Summer is fast approaching. Aside from vacations, warming sunshine of vitamin D and a full menu of out door smells, it is also time for blockbuster sequels to fill our viewing entertainment needs. Republicans are hoping their re-release "Benghazi Investigation #14" will be a smashing success. Their advertising campaign has dropped "Another Deadly Summer of Obamacare" in favor of "Benghazi Is Way Worse Than Watergate." I give this sequel "two votes down." I expect the Republican's industry of this old and tired repetitive formula of everything-Democrat-is-a-scandal will fail miserably at the voting box office polls.

These are not our best actors on the red carpet at the Academy Awards. Right wing nut stars with their talking point sound bites have been unleashed and are saturating the news cycle. Republicans must be hoping that a Benghazi Select Committee under Trey Gowdy, U.S. Representative Of South Carolina can "Ken Starr" the Democrat's hold on the White House by either soiling and or taking down both Obama and Hillary. It is a double feature, with two potential release dates, 2014 and 2016. This would seem to provide lots of time to build a loyal fan base, if only the storyline and directors were more professional.

In this sequel we find familiar themes to previous scandals investigated by Republicans. There is another Clinton dress in the wardrobe, not blue, but soiled this time from events above the waist. Hillary Clinton had a concussion and a rumor exists in the plot that she may be brain damaged. There was a Deep Throat in Watergate, and in a curious way one can conclude there was also one in "Monicagate," but we don't know yet if a Deep Throat will make a cameo in "Benghazi." Whereas "no one died when Bill Clinton lied," Benghazi sadly has a darker story with four deaths. There is the conspiracy of a cover-up, a must predictable element in these sequels. If the original events do not measure up to impeachable, then accusations of covering up can give everyone their money's worth by keeping a mystery alive.

In conclusion, let me say, buyers beware. Even the trailer released on "Benghazi" which tries to raise the expectations of something new, with a former pit bull prosecutor turned John Boehner endorsed committee head, and possessed with awesome mutant legal skills has a musty sour odor and faded look.

The only scandal worth your valuable time, money, and now challenged right to vote is the failure of Republicans to govern and their obsessive obstructionism. I enjoy the magician in black pulling a rabbit out of his hat, or a Bond film, or a prequel, sequel or whatever of a Star Wars more than this lackluster "Not Star's War on Benghazi." We already have over 25,000 pages from 13 investigations at the expense of taxpayer's millions. Just because Republicans must carry the burden of guilt forever over the darkest age of Watergate, there can only be one Nixon, and Benghazi is not Watergate. Now, let's get back to our regular summer delights of real adrenaline thumping sequels filled with real great stars.