08/04/2014 12:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sue the Republican Majority in Congress


Americans are notorious for being combative and litigious. We love a good fight. How we fight tends to correlate to the sociology of the demographics of our social class. Whereas full body contact and the use of firearms may be a preferred tactic to settle individual grievances for those with less financial means, the elite class mostly scorns what they interpret as lowbrow, dirty and dangerous behavior and prefers to fight through their lawyers, a form of legal combat with established rules.

Either way, the driving force of our litigiousness is enshrined in our legal system and our prevailing attitude to seek legal revenge and get even. Money has a way of blunting more destructive retribution and refereeing to a more civil tone. When the potential for a tremendous paycheck of settlement money carries greater odds than winning the lottery, and it pairs with personal injury from another's wrongdoing, Americans turn to civil courts and sue. If there are multiple plaintiffs harmed from a wrongdoing, such as against a company that knowingly exposes consumers to a dangerous and harmful product, then they can seek damages by joining a class action lawsuit.

The Republican Party has historically been the party of tort reform to limit and cap civil lawsuits. They have argued that civil lawsuits are mostly frivolous, that the juries are blinded by testimony from wronged "victims" and too willing to award excessive amounts of money, that it is bad for business, kills job growth and hurts the economy. For Republicans this issue has been red meat for their big corporate money base. Republicans have also relished blaming our frivolous lawsuit culture on so-called ambulance-chasing-get-rich-quick liberal defense lawyers as a way to rally their other base, the cynical, rural, conservative, religious and non-corporate anti-government-as a solution folks.

So considering that with all the legislative work that needed to get done as an almost last act of the season, the Republican majority in Congress, led by Speaker of The House John Boehner, have filed a frivolous lawsuit against our President for the first time ever is so ironic, contradictory, bizarre, unprecedented, astonishing and begs the question as to why has Congress sued the President?

The answer is simple: This is how the Republican ruling elite adult children fight and seek to keep their hands clean while they pry the rules to game the system, and cash in on their warranty of limitless money that continues to flow as long as they adhere to the stipulation that at every legislative intersection, the oath they "signed in blood" in secret the day after our first African-American President was elected, to work to make his presidency a failure.

Republicans understood they were free from voter outrage that could cost them control of their majority in Congress because of safe gerrymandered districts. They also understood the intrinsic meaning of the Citizens United ruling that opened up unbelievable sums of money and quietly married them to the billions of dollars from the sons of the once fringe whacko anti-government John Birch Society, the Koch Brothers.

Sadly, Republicans have proven they are no longer a political party fighting for a clear agenda anchored in the traditions of the GOP defined in history books. They are only the anti-Obama Party.

I am mildly relieved now that the most dysfunctional do nothing 113th Congress left Washington D.C. for their August summer break. At least for now they can do no more harm to our fragile Democracy. But this is also a wonderful opportunity to let Congress, and especially the Republican majority know how Americans feel about them.

Americans hold Congress in contempt. We see their behavior as shameful, wasteful, deceitful, malicious, petty and causing "we the people" injury by wrongdoing. We understand our personal financial damages they are directly responsible for causing. We understand the financial harm they are causing to our nation. We feel emotional and psychological pain and suffering because of their direct actions of negligent inaction. We get it that by their direct attempts to destroy the presidency, the government, and too many guiding principles of our constitution that we the people qualify as an injured collective.

Therefore, we the people who are the government of the people, by the people for the people, declare our need to seek damages, to seek revenge, to get even, to be awarded damages in the form of huge sums of money so we can reinvest it in solutions to our society's problems, do file a frivolous class action lawsuit as a society of plaintiffs, in our state of being wronged, sue Speaker of The House John Boehner as representative of all Republicans in Congress, for "leaving our constitution in tatters," for the "writing of their own laws" by non-writing laws, for "being a king" by preventing a constitutional president from acting, and for the preponderance of evidence that their actions have been premeditated with intent to cause injury. Our Founding Fathers would be proud of this!