01/09/2014 11:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Dennis Rodman Strangeluv Show


When is a cigar just a cigar? Meet Sigmund Freud. When is a "bad boy basketball player" just that? Meet Mr. Dennis Rodman. He is not a diplomat. He does not have the poise, skill, or depth of Jesse Jackson or Jimmy Carter. He is not on a mission sanctioned by the government.

Dennis Rodman had his fifteen minutes as a tough guy lacking in finesse on the basketball court who muscled N.B.A. admiration. He was an entertaining sports circus figure caricature on and off the court. But now he is dribbling as a globe trotting sap to Kim Jong-un's head and shoulder fake.

It doesn't matter how many times Dennis Rodman takes up the rare and unique opportunity to visit North Korea and court a "friendship" with Mr. Kim Jong-un. Rodman may have egotistical fantasies of winning another gold ring with a "magical basketball hoops" replay of "Ping-Pong Diplomacy," but his visits will not result in any positive diplomatic breakthroughs, change the dire conditions of North Koreans, or sooth the pain of an American family desperately needing a serious diplomatic miracle to free their sick relative held in captivity there. Rodman may just find himself with more fans in North Korea than here in America.

Dennis Rodman has been a wonderful caricature to entertain us with essential comic relief during this holiday intermission. But the buzzer has gone off and it is game time again in Washington D.C. Americans feel fouled and hunger for a referee to blow the whistle and foul out the crazies in Washington.

The country is facing a grim 2014 "strangeluv" with Team Democrats and Team Republicans muscling for a slam-dunk to win a legislative majority and eventually The Hall of Fame Oval Office. Let's turn the news cameras back to the serious social, economic, and political issues begging for solutions. Bench the "selfie" Dennis Rodman Show and let him be, so journalists can put a full court press on real stories.