07/24/2014 04:00 pm ET Updated Sep 23, 2014

6 Ways You Can Solve Your Lead Generation Problems Right Now

Are you struggling to find new prospects for your business? Have your lead generation techniques started to fizzle out just a bit? Finding new prospects can take up a lot of your time and energy, which are limited resources. You could work harder for your lead generation needs, or you could work smarter.

These six ideas will help you solve your lead generation problems right now.

1. Cold Calling Isn't Dead

Although cold calling might seem like it has died, it is still alive and well. It's not about the process of that first call, however, because the follow-up is what is important. Unless you begin to establish a relationship with your prospect, you're not going to get very far.

2. You'll Be the Expert

You've got to be seen as an expert in your industry in order to stand out today. The internet is filled with a lot of people who make a lot of lofty claims that just can't be backed up! By framing your message with value, you'll automatically position yourself as a niche expert and this will be the foundation upon which more leads can be generated. Margarita Hakobyan, the CEO of MoversCorp says, "We started out as a nobody in the moving industry. But now, after publishing plenty of content, and making 100's of cold calls, we can claim to be the expert in the moving industry. And with thousands of moving companies out there, it's proven to be very powerful when making that claim to new customers."

3. Get Into Video

Video marketing is making a comeback because the narrative helps people feel like they already know you in some way. And the additional SEO benefits of video can't be ignored either. This is another opportunity for you to add value to the message you're providing with each contact and gives you a place to refer prospects who might be on the fence.

4. Be Syndicated

If you multiplied your traffic count by 10,000, how many more sets of eyes would see the content you've created? Syndication helps to solve your lead generation problems because you're getting your message out across multiple platforms to multiple demographics with ease. This gives you the chance to generate leads that don't require an interruption and a natural means to follow-up. Try Outbrain for video article syndication, and Adwords Video campaigns for Video syndication.

5. Interview Marketing Enhances Value

An interview is a fantastic way for potential leads to see how you interact with people and helps to further their perception of your niche expertise. Targeted questions that are filmed on a web show like the Inspiration Station videos on YouTube hosted by Kersten Kloss. Embedding your interviews on specific high authority sites will further enhance the value that you can provide. When done correctly, your prospects will be sensitized to the issues to which you can provide a reasonable, yet scarce solution.

6. Be Bigger Than Life

In order to see results, you've got to connect with people. Dialing for dollars is a time consuming process and it often happens when people don't want to be disturbed. Being bigger than life doesn't mean that you are misrepresenting who you are or what you or your goods can do. It means that you saturate your targeted market with your brand identity so that you get to the top of your prospect's mind.

Modern lead generation can still take a lot of time and energy to make it a successful venture, but you can quickly solve your lead generation needs with the right campaign. Now it's time to get to work!