06/25/2013 03:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

That Man (a Love Poem)

"That Man"

That man is the space
and he is time.
That man is reason
when I've lost rhyme.

He is plain from afar,
but other-worldly up close.
I know each inch of his body, mind, spirit,
like a musician knows his notes.

I almost overlooked
his calm outside,
and my frenetic inside
almost made him run and hide.

This woman always felt tragically flawed,
but that man makes me feel divine.
His kisses so tender,
sending endless delight down my spine.

He is...
kind and gentle,
fun and smart,
honest and decent.

He is better than me
and makes me want to be better
and says I make him want to be better too

That man takes care of me when I'm sick,
does the dishes without being told,
and thanks me for breakfast every single day.

He has the cynicism of a veteran
but actions of an optimist,
the practicality of an old man,
but eyes full of wonder, like a little boy.

That man didn't bat an eyelash
when I said I struggle with depression,
and didn't let me see how scared he was
until I clawed my way out from a three month bout with it.

He might not be glamorous,
but he goes to work with integrity and purpose every day,
comes home to me with grace and love each night,
and I suspect he always will.

That man is the space
and he is time.
He makes every fiber of my being
want to so brightly shine.

When I'm next to him,
I feel as peaceful as Siddhartha
under the Bodhi tree.

Where he is, I am home.
So, wherever that man goes,
is where I'll be.