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Recipe for a Soulistic Life

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What is a Soulistic Life?

As a person who has recently accepted there is no such thing as multi-tasking and who runs a company based on self-caring your soul, I often get asked really simple, but hard questions.

Q: What does it look and feel like to live a life with all your body-mind-and-soul?

A: It looks and feels like connection. Flow. Like the world is working in your favor. I'd say bliss and soulgasmic, but that's an entire different level of connection.

Life dips and peaks as it does, with its highs and lows. When you are in flow -- in Soulistic life, it feels like ripples. Like calm waves. It's not about perfection. Shit happens. Resentment, anger, betrayal, jealousy and heartache happen. But when those things do happen, you feel good about what you choose to do and you ride the wave of allowing it to pass.

This recipe below will walk you through the necessities to living a week with a little more life and a little more soul.


What you need:

1. Sacred space
Create a sacred space, just for you. And make it pretty. Whatever you think is pretty- make it more of that. It's important that even if it's a small corner in your closet that it is JUST for YOU. It shouldn't be the kitchen table or where a lot of activity happens. Make this your little sacred space, and go to it daily- even if it's just to sit for 30 seconds and take a self-time out! (or a selfie...those are allowed too!)

2. Daily rituals
Have something you can do easily, each day. First thing in the morning and evening, if possible. Something that doesn't take a lot of effort. Read a page in a book, or give yourself 10 minutes in the morning to enjoy your coffee or tea, and not rush through it.

3. Real, balanced meals
Don't eat crap all the time. Eat things that taste and make you feel good. With that being said, it's all about balance. Eat your favorite things, but try to eat real (fresh) as often as you can and can afford.

4. Changes per week
Do something different each day. Maybe you start your day with a full glass of water instead of going right for the coffee. Maybe you take a different route to work. Maybe you use a purple pen instead of plain old black. It sounds silly, but little changes add up and bring new perspectives. They help you see life through a slightly new lens and make way for even bigger transformations to flow into your life!

5. Wishes per week
So often we don't know what we want and "bad" things keep happening because we aren't allowing or making time to request the good things. If you want all your wishes and hopes and desires to come true, you need to make a space in your life and honor that they exist. Even if it's two minutes in the morning, create a 'dream' or a wish list. When you start making changes in your day (#4) you will see how everything will start to fall into place!

6. Ways to let them go (do this as needed)
Notice, I said 'them,' and not 'it.' We all know people who don't deserve one more minute of your time. They bring negativity, drama and bouts of resentment and even unhappiness. Delete them. Unsubscribe to their issues. Take them off your Facebook page, quit making time for their black-hole conversations. We can be graceful and gentle about it, but let them go. And don't feel bad. It's not about them, it's about you. You are creating the kind of environment and energy you want to feel in your life!

7. Instances of speaking praise each week
For me, I say a little prayer/wish and a few words over my husband and daughter before I leave and go out into the world each day. Speak kindness and kindly over the ones you love. Even when you aren't feeling the love from them, it helps to stay connected and over time you will start letting little things go that truly are, little things.

8. Ways to say no
Soulistic Living is about balance. It's about making time for yourself so you have more energy for your world. We can't please everyone and we shouldn't even try. We don't have to attend every birthday party, baby shower, work event and argument we're invited to. Write down eight ways to say no, and keep the list handy. Saying no helps me prevent burnout. Saying no helps maintain focus and do what you really feel called to.

9. Requests each week, ask
This is a direct correlation to #5. If you don't ask, how shall you receive? I'm astonished each day when I hear people complaining/venting/talking about what they don't have. I simply say: "Have you asked?" The response is usually no. Ask your fill-in-the-blank. Boss, husband, child, friend, parent, neighbor, grocery bagger. If you want something, ask! And make time for your wishes and goals -- then ask the universe to honor them.

10. Nice texts or some kind of communication each week
With technology, texting and social media, everyone has time to send an emoticon or kind word. It doesn't need to turn into a long conversation, just tell someone something nice. You will feel good, they will feel good and that makes for a damn good Soulistic Life.

Please join the class conversation! What is one thing you do to keep yourself feeling balanced and in-flow? Please comment below I'd love to know!

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Allison Dailey is the Soulistic Life Stylist and mamapreneur of Sapphire Soul, the holistic subscription box made for self-care and strengthening the body-mind-soul connection. She's also creator of, a blog for soulistic living and easy recipes for the soul. As a modern-boho teacher of soulistic living, she believes in balance, having it all, immeasurable creativity and love. Call her a holistic life stylist, a workaholic wife and a good witchdoctor for a healthy body, mind and soul.

Allison resides in Michigan with her fantastic husband, small soul and two fur-babies. She enjoys a good yoga and bff sesh, Starbucks green tea lattes and lazy Sunday Fundays. Join her in the 28 Day Soulistic Dream Catcher Challenge and sprinkle some modern magic into the recipe for your soul.