11/14/2011 09:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Our Dog, Sadie

"Sister, Sister" is a recurring column about the adventures of real-life sisters Allison (17) and Natalie (15) from Kansas City, Missouri. You can also find them on, their official high school newspaper.

Most of you probably don't know this, but we have another sister. Her name is Sadie. She's seven years old. She's awesome. And she's a dog.

Alison: Picture this. It's Christmas morning '03. Natalie and I are opening a joint gift. We open it only to find a picture of a puppy. I immediately start crying because I realize what that means. A PUPPY! This sounds like a made-up reaction, but it's not. I was literally that overjoyed.

Natalie: I didn't cry (I don't show joy with tears), but I was excited as well. I immediately called my best friend to tell her about it. When our family went to pick Sadie up that February, I got to hold her first. That's probably why she loves me the most. That, and because I put her in my Bitty Baby stroller.

Allison: She rode on my lap the whole way home, but no matter. I loved Sadie so much when we first got her, but as you can tell from the past tense I used for "love", we had a brief falling out. In a span of a few months, she not only bit me on the butt, but she also chewed up my favorite shoes. She regained my love with her practical jokes, like grabbing the toilet paper with her teeth and running all around the house.

Natalie: That was the cutest thing she's ever done, and I think everything she does is cute, so that's saying a lot. Although she might seem simple, she's quite the diva. If Sadie wants it, Sadie gets it. We've created a ranking in our house based on who has the most authority. It is as follows:

1) Mom

2) Sadie

3) Dad

4) Allison

5) Natalie

Allison: This lack of authority is obvious when we each take our turns taking her to the bathroom outside. Mom and dad are back inside in a matter of seconds. With me at the reins Sadie takes about 2 minutes to go. With Natalie, she has been known to spend 10+ minutes meandering the yard, eating bugs and rolling in God-knows-what.
Yes, I'm at the bottom of the list, meaning Sadie never listens to me.

Natalie: It's true. She just doesn't respect me, but I still love her anyway. After all, most of the time, she's the least annoying sister in the house (including myself).

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