05/25/2012 08:48 am ET Updated Jul 25, 2012

Sister, Sister: Movies

'Sister, Sister' is a recurring column about the adventures of real-life sisters Allison (17) and Natalie (15) from Kansas City, Missouri. You can also find them on, their official high school newspaper.

Movies are something that everyone can relate to. Whether you're at the theatre or curled up on your couch at home, watching a movie takes you away from your life for two hours. You can venture to far-away lands, see different lifestyles and have new experiences, all while watching a movie. In this edition of "Favorite Things," we will talk about the movies that have made us laugh, cry and wish our lives were a movie. First up is our all-time favorite movie, Bridesmaids.

Allison: I have an unofficial list of the most quotable movies, which includes the following: The Parent Trap, Mean Girls, School of Rock, She's the Man and, of course, Bridesmaids. Quoting Bridesmaids is almost a lifestyle for me at this point. Whenever I see Marianna Messerli or Celia O'Flaherty in the halls, we always act out the scene where Megan brings nine labrador retriever puppies to Annie's house. Classic.

Natalie: I'm a huge fan of the entire airplane scene. My favorite part is when Kristen Wiig looks out the window, saying "Oh my God!" She then proceeds to come over the intercom and announce that there is a woman in traditional colonial garb on the wing of the plane, churning butter.

A: I love that scene, but I can't call it my absolute favorite. There are too many to choose from. Here is a small example of how obsessed I am with this movie. On the Facebook page for my residence hall at MU, people were posting about how excited they were for next year. Instead of conforming to the bland, typical responses of my classmates, I decided to post a video of when Kristen Wiig says, "I'm ready to partayyyyy!" Needless to say, many 'likes' and comments praising me ensued.

N: While Bridesmaids is one of my newest favorite movie, School of Rock has been my all-time favorite for several years. Jack Black is one of my favorite people ever. If I had to be somebody else for a day, it would definitely be him.

A: I like this movie a lot, but I find it odd that you would want to be Jack Black. Regardless, this is another classic quotable movie that I love to watch. During a cross country practice earlier this year, I'm confident that the senior runners recited the entire movie's dialogue from beginning to end. This movie is all special to me (and Natalie, I think this applies to you, too) because it was my first PG-13 movie. So monumental!

N: I thought I was so cool watching it (and I was). The best part is when Lawrence, the awesome keyboard player, does his little hand shake with Dewey. Emily Wemhoff and I always say we're going to memorize the whole thing, but have never gotten around to it.

A: I guess all great movies have great handshakes, because The Parent Trap has a classic one, too! Despite that perfect transition, my favorite movie is not The Parent Trap. Rather, I have selected Into the Wild as my favorite movie. It's the true story of Christopher McCandless, a man who decides to travel across North America with minimal possessions. I love this movie because of all the beautiful landscape it showcases and because I admire Chris so much for the personal journey he takes.

N: This movie isn't the greatest. In theory, I like the story. It's inspiring, and I wish I had the courage to do what he did. But the extended periods of walking and silence kind of ruined it for me. I know that's supposed to add to the effect, but I just got so bored I started playing Angry Birds.

A: Yeah, I was questioning whether or not you even finished the movie because I remember you asking how much longer it was when there was still about 40 minutes left. Unlike Natalie, if you like this movie, try reading the book by the same name and listening to the awesome soundtrack by Eddie Vedder.

During this busy time of year, our blogs have been few and far between. However, as the school year comes to a close, check back on DNO for a couple more entries. Until next time, see ya sistas!