04/01/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pellicano Trial: Courtney Love Caught On Tape

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Courtney Love called Anthony Pellicano for help back in 2001 from a movie set in Vancouver. Ms.
Love, the actress and lead singer for Hole, best known for
being the wife of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, called Mr. Pellicano
because she was having a host of legal and personal problems. She was
fighting with the surviving members of her husband's band over control
of his estate and trying to support her then-boyfriend Jim with his divorce
and custody lawsuit. She also was concerned that an ex-assistant, who'd allegedly hacked into her email account, was going to publish all kinds of personal correspondence with her famous friends Drew Barrymore, Cameron Crowe and Russell Crowe. After hiring another private
investigator who she felt wasn't terribly helpful, she called Mr. Pellicano for assistance. Love has not been charged with anything in relation to Pellicano.

Transcript highlights:


CL: I'm so confused by this divorce that it's getting in the way... I
really love this man, and he came out of a really bad marriage. This is
a divorce case that has dumped everybody. It's mostly Jewish people
dealing with it, but if you're Christian, or you were raised Christian,
it's like, "ye who enter the valley,' you know what I mean?"


CL: I need everything from refinement to fucking baseball bats, and I
need them all under one roof

AP: Courtney, if you come to me, that's the end of that. I'm an old
style Sicilian. I only go one way. My clients are my family, and that's
it. You fuck with my family, you fuck with me.


AP: Don't you think we should have this conversation when you get down

Yeah, but I'm on a really secure line, so I'm just going to tell you
the story and you can tell me what you want to do with it.


AP: Now if I can determine that I can trust you, and we have a meeting,
there are lots of things I can do for you. Now all of these conversations have to be between you and I. You cannot betray me, you understand? You cannot have conversations with lawyers...

CL: I like talking to an Italian!

AP: Sicilian

CL: Well that's even better

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