03/05/2008 05:17 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Pellicano Trial: the Government's Witness List

The government's witness list has been made public and it doesn't
disappoint in terms of famous names. In addition to the names that
I've already mentioned, the government also intends to call the
following witnesses:

Chris Rock,
Sandra Carradine (ex-girlfriend of David Carradine as well as an
ex-girlfriend of Anthony Pellicano),
Several Greenberg, Glusker lawyers past and present including super
lawyer to the stars, Bertram Fields.

The government also intends to
call the Greenberg, Glusker attorney who helped Anthony Pellicano
attempt to get a patent on the Telesleuth program that was allegedly
used to wiretap Mr. Pellicano's alleged victims.

The government also
tends to call David Moriarty, a former Greenberg lawyer. Also, Chuck
Shepard, a well known Greenberg partner, who was part of Brad Grey's
litigation team during his lawsuit against both Bo Zenga and Gary

Freddy DeMann (music manager to the stars) and his daughter, Pilar
Bo Zenga and his attorney, Greg Dovel (both were allegedly wiretapped
during Mr. Zenga's lawsuit against Parmount Chief, Brad Grey.

Farrah Fawcett
Alex Gores, Lisa Gores, and Tom Gores.
Pellicano's former employee, Stacy Joiner
Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, the ex-wife of billionaire Kirk Kerkorian,
Steven Kolodny (the attorney representing Ms. Kerkorian at the time she
was allegedly wiretapped by Mr. Pellicano in connection with her
custody battle with her ex-husband.)

CAA Super agent, Brian Lourd,
John McTiernan, the director of Die Hard who just served a sentence for
lying to the FBI about having hired Mr. Pellicano.
Ron Meyer, the head of Universal Studios
Peter Morton
Michael Ovitz, former super agent who paid Mr. Pellicano for services,
but denies having asked him to wiretap his sworn enemies.

Some Pellicano family members
Gaye Lynn Palazzo, a former Pellicano employee, who told the FBI a lot
about the inner workings of Mr. Pellicano's office.

Charles Roven, a producer who was allegedly wiretapped by Mr. Pellicano
at the direction of his client, director John McTiernan.

Gary Shandling, who was allegedly wiretapped during his litigation
against Paramount chief and former manager, Brad Grey.

And, Mr. Shandling's ex-girlfriend, Linda Doucett.

And, then there's Sly Stallone, no introduction necessary.

John LaViolette, a well respected entertainment lawyer who's phone was
allegedly wiretapped by Mr. Pellicano at the direction of producer and
former actor, Andrew Stevens. There is an audiotape of Mr. Stevens
speaking to Mr. Pellicano about wiretapping Mr. LaViolette's work and
home phones.

And of course, Bernard Weinraub, the former reporter for the New York Times
who wrote a number of articles about Mr. Ovitz.

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