01/02/2014 04:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13 Bravery Lessons I Learned This Year


Photo credit: Ally Del Monte

Of all the things that being bullied has taught me, the one thing that amazes me the most is how strong I have grown. I never would have thought I would have learned some real life lessons from years of being miserable, but I did. It's amazing how much one person can grow in a span of 365 days! The thing is most of these lesson that we can all learn and use for the rest of our lives.

These are my top 13 things I learned in 2013 from being bullied.

  1. I learned to #BeBrave and stand up for myself.
  2. I learned to #BeBrave and stand up for those who are bullied.
  3. I learned to #BeBrave and stand up TO bullies.
  4. I learned that not everyone is going to like you, regardless of what you do, so don't change for anyone.
  5. I learned that it's okay to forgive, but to never forget.
  6. I learned that being different is OK.
  7. I learned that I am not responsible for other peoples happiness, or the actions that they take.
  8. I learned that with friends, it truly is quality over quantity.
  9. I learned that there is real evil in the world, but that there is also so much good.
  10. I learned that you should give everyone a chance, and don't judge very quickly.
  11. I learned that depression is a real illness, but doesn't have to be forever.
  12. I learned that it's OK to ask for help.
  13. I learned that it's possible to be happy. In fact, it's OK to be happy.

These are lessons I've learned from years of being bullied. I may have been through some hardships and terrible times, but I made my way through. In the end I'm a stronger person.