03/28/2012 12:40 pm ET

Almost Buried Alive In Mud, Man Is Rescued By Team Of Atlanta Firefighters (VIDEO)

A man buried alive in mud at a construction site in Atlanta, Ga., was rescued by firefighters over the weekend, ABC News reports.

It is believed that the unidentified man was walking near the construction site when he slipped and fell into a muddy pit. Akin to quicksand, the mud sucked the man in, trapping him to the point of suffocation. It's unclear how long the man had been stuck before he was rescued.

According to WSBTV, a passer-by happened to notice movement in the mud and quickly called for help. When firefighters arrived, the man was so deeply stuck in the mud, they could barely see him.

"I think he walked in and possibly got stuck to the point of exhaustion and then passed out," Atlanta Fire Department Battalion Chief David Rhodes said.

It took a team of 40 firefighters about an hour to pull the man -- whose head had barely been above the surface -- to safety.

"At one time, his face went under and [a] medic was able to get his face up and actually scoop the mud out of his mouth," Rhodes recalled of the dangerous mission.

The mud was so thick and treacherous that a fireman also became stuck during the rescue, but his colleagues were able to haul him out quickly, NY Daily News reports.

Though suffering from exhaustion and hypothermia, the man is miraculously expected to make a full recovery.