06/07/2012 05:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Best/Worst Brands of the Week: Micro-Shorts, Cool Science, Blendr, Dream-Making

Escorted by a group of seemingly MI6 trained nuns, Dr. George Lombardi flew to Calcutta to save a Nobel Laureate’s life. In the auditorium at Cooper Union, eyes as far as I could see filled instantly like teeny ice cube trays when he said it was Mother Teresa’s life he saved in 1989. Dr. Lombardi was one of five storytellers recounting their relationship to science during the The Moth’s World Science Festival collaboration May 31 hosted by Andy Borowitz.

I left the auditorium wondering how to inject my career with more intention to transform our culture. A little seed planting, and my relationship to science, of my own.  I threw my hat over the fence and immediately began my transformation with mixology, Cucumber + Chili Martini to be exact, at Indochine. This French-Vietnamese establishment, founded by Brian McNally, has been around since 1984. Its success is not only attributed to a solid staff trained with Indonesian hospitality, grace, but also because of a distinct something-sexy-is-going-to-happen-tonight vibe. Read about some of those nights with a collector’s edition of Indochine Stories, Shaken and Stirred while you are there.

“He’s 964 feet away, how far away is that Alona? I mean how many miles?” asked K. “I think it’s less than a quarter mile, tell him to walk over,” I replied. And that is what our world is coming to. I rather liked K. I just met her. We were at Café Noir, another lively New York staple, and she was using Blendr. “His status stays he is ‘spaced-out,’ said K. ‘I am going to write, There’s no hope in dope. What do you think Alona?’ she asked with the confidence of a 12-year old.  I have a few gay friends that use Grindr, but now this straight version allows you to find other profiled members of the opposite sex who are in your vicinity. I have just one question: If you are already out, why not talk to the members of the opposite sex who are physically to your right and left. What about talking to your friends that you came with. Why are we all looking down at our phone?

Short-shorts. Neon micro short-shorts. Neon micro short-shorts that only cover the crest of your booty paired with cowboy booties. The same girls that brought you skinny jeans and ballet slippers cut their jeans really short and can be seen walking in packs of five or more across lower manhattan. I like the micro short-shorts trend because you know what that means? It means no more skinny pants and ballet slippers. Yay.

My mom received an email from a distant relative asking to donate to his son’s study abroad program. Now these relatives live in a gorgeous house in Baltimore, drive Mercedes, and so they could probably scrape together the dough, but they’d rather we did. The great intention of Kickstarter is to support rich creative projects that would move our culture forward. But now, aloof people everywhere can make their half-ass dreams come true. Gone are the days where you worked to earn and save for a year just so you could take a sabbatical from your day job to live like an artist in Paris or start your own business without investors like I did.