11/15/2013 11:18 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Love for the Philippines

The Philippines -- a beautiful and majestic island located in Southeast Asia filled with beautiful beach resorts, Mt. Volcano, Chocolate Hills and many others. The Philippines is known for having friendly people. We proudly root and support Manny Pacquiao (a Filipino boxing champion) in every of his boxing fights. Even though we might not be Filipino, we respect him.

With this horrendous typhoon that is happening in the Philippines, we cannot help but give our support, grief and compassion. The Super Typhoon Haiyan, or "Yolanda" as some call the storm, has devastated over six central Philippines islands. The estimated death has jumped to over 3,600 people.

We all have that friend, classmate, acquaintance or neighbor that is Filipino and with the tragedies that are currently occurring in the Philippines, we should empathize and give our support and help these people, for they may have family members or friends over there. A card, flowers, a shoulder to talk to or even just a prayer for them can be so helpful especially when they might not have anyone there for them.

Think of what would happen if such tragedy ever occurred to us?

Not only were native Filipinos affected but also a myriad of Americans were severely injured and there are two reported deaths.

Reading this, feeling sorry, Instagraming a post that you feel for the Philippines, and or maybe donating some money might make you feel better, but we should think outside the box to how we can successfully and thoughtfully actually make a difference and help the Philippines recover.

You might be thinking "This does not pertain to me, I'm not Filipino." So what? Be selfless, step into someone else's shoes, and try to see the world in a whole other perspective. This could have happened to us. Children our age are being left without homes and parents. The feeling of being "lost" is terrifying so don't be afraid to value and support other countries.

Don't leave it to the top organizations or the government to solve the problem. Get involved and be a leader in your community.

Start a food and clothing drive at your school. Making everyone aware and getting everyone's support can significantly help these families. Think about it: These people lost everything including their clean water, clothes, valuables, homes and food. Make posters and flyers and get everyone to support and become aware about the Philippines and the typhoon. Also, get anyone and everyone to donate money even $1 makes a big difference.

Check out these website to donate money or help out and volunteer: World Food Program, The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, International Rescue Committee, AmeriCares and Mercy Corps.

Ultimately, we should think of others, make a difference and overall, be grateful for what one has because young Filipino teenagers right now are being left without homes, food and basic necessities. Teens just like us who probably will not be in school for a while, have much bigger problems than before. Make a difference and help out in your community! Every little bit counts. Do not be afraid to stand up for something you believe in.