10/16/2012 04:21 pm ET Updated Dec 16, 2012

Bills Pull Off (Stressful) OT Win


This game was intense... shocker! I started off tweeting my despondency over Jackson's (out of character) fumble on the Bills' first possession and ended the game tweeting a request for hypothetical bail money.

Conclusion of the week: The 19-16 overtime win over Arizona was a very Buffalo-esque game and OTs still wreak havoc on my life. Despair: check! Elation: check! Frustration/confusion: check! Disbelief: check!

What went right: well, we won.

Also, the run D really got itself together, stuffing the Cards on multiple crucial plays. Then there was that safety (thanks Chris Kelsay), which was borderline amazing, and Mario Williams' sack proved he showed up to play again. Jairus Byrd's game-saving interception in overtime (second of the game) was shades of his rookie year (Byrd Byrd Byrd, Byrd's the word!).

Rian Lindell and his foot -- always steady, always looking out for my mental stability.

Ryan Fitzpatrick managed to connect with Stevie Johnson for 80 plus yards and in some nerve-wracking set ups. No interceptions is always appreciated. Still, that explosiveness we saw when Fitzmagic was first coined wasn't quite full force and Scott Chandler was utilized considerably less this week.

Words can't express how pleased I am that Freddy J and CJ Spiller BOTH recorded touchdowns. I'm still getting used to seeing #22 share the spotlight but that's just the possessive sentimental side of me and I thoroughly realize that having two dynamic starting RBs to use interchangeably is a dangerous weapon.

What needs work: overall consistency.

The offense was good and absolutely better than the previous two weeks, but it still stalled here and there and when it's time to meet the Jets and New England again, we really can't afford lulls in momentum.

The pass rush was ok and Kelvin Kolb did spend some time on his rear but there were also times when I swear I expected him to pull out knitting needles or pick a bouquet of flowers. A little too much scrambling allowed.

Shawn Powell. He had some decent punts but then there were some abysmal ones, like (what looked like) a 20-yarder late in the game. I get that he's a rookie but there's a reason he got this starting spot, so let's see it.

This game was encouraging, and proves that the Bills can beat good teams (Arizona was 4-1 going into Sunday), because I was getting seriously concerned. I also love seeing quotes like these:

"I'm impressed with the way the team played." -Chan

"Every game is winnable for us." -Stevie Johnson

"We can be a dangerous offense." -Freddy J

and perhaps proving that Fitzpatrick really does understand me,

"Winning cures all." -Fitz