12/20/2010 11:38 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bills Sink Dolphins

When the Bills beat Miami 17-14 this week, I had two reactions. First: Fabulous! Now I can enjoy Football Night in A-mer-i-caaa without sulking. Second: Fabulous! But why couldn't they do that this week AND Week 1 when I spent $250 plus God knows how much more on gas, alcohol, etc. to see them. Not great!

So now Buffalo is 4-10...and what does that mean? Since I have a bizarre affinity for "8's," you know what's coming--yes, a list of what I know.

1.) Four wins isn't glamorous, but it's better than zero (for my sanity and the team's). What I like to refer to as "fake Bills fans" are bitching about how "ohh, now we're gonna lose that No.1 draft pick and blah blah blah, boo hoo hoo." Get over it! Your job as a fan is to root for your team to win, not lose. If you're willing to throw away your dignity, wish more criticism upon and further tarnish the reputation of a team you claim to "love," then there's something seriously wrong with you.

2.) Despite what numbers say or people think, many Bills are nearing some milestone stats. Like Stevie Johnson who going into Sunday's game needed 126 receiving yards for his first 1,000-yard receiving season. He had 69 this week, so he should easily reach his mark after next week's game. Freddy J needed 34 yards from scrimmage before this week to claim his second straight season with 1,000 yards. According to, he had 36 yards on 15 attempts. Lindell needed three field goals to post 250 in his career. With one this week, it shouldn't be a problem reaching or surpassing that number by the end of the season.

3.) My #83 was out and won't return. *slow teardrop trickles down* He's my buddy...even if he doesn't know it. Young receivers like Nelson, Jones and Roosevelt stepped up nicely and Stevie Johnson fit his role of No.1 receiver naturally, but it still wasn't the same. :(

4.) Even though we have 4 wins, don't forget we have 10 losses. That has caused severe undereye wrinkle-age/circles that aren't great! I'm sure the beatings I receive from my coworkers every Monday morning don't help.

5.) Ryan Fitzpatrick had another 200+-yard game, with 223 passing and 19 rushing. His QB rating puts him 19th in the league and while it's no Michael Vick or Drew Brees status, Fitz is rapidly proving that he's a force on this team. Everyone's saying he's not the "QB of the future" but I mean, he could be the QB of the next season. Maybe the trick is to stop with the merry go round quarterback situation and let one guy actually grow into his position, which is exactly what Fitz is doing.

6.) We've got the same record as two other teams and have a better record than three others. Yay for not being last anymore!

7.) We crushed the dreams of one of our rivals by knocking Miami out of the playoff race. If we could do that to New England and then the Jets, my life would be complete. I'm telling you, I would give anything to see the camera pan to Sanchez trying his hardest not to cry on the sidelines. You know what I'm talking about...he gets that look.

8.) Every win is usually accompanied by some ridiculously risky Fitz throw, monster Stevie moments (and bomb TD dances) or beastly Jackson action...which ups my chances of reliving the good moments on Sportscenter. Ahh, it's the little things in life that please me.