11/30/2011 01:37 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2012

Buffalo Bills Riddled With Injuries

I missed the Bills vs Jets game so I won't pretend I'm qualified to comment on it. From what I've read, heard and seen we were [THIS] close but alas it was not meant to be. A Jets fan even said the Bills "deserved to win that" but "somehow the Jets pulled it off."

What I am able to discuss is why I'm so confused. How did such a promising season turn into what it is now?! Uncertain. Random. Heartbreaking. Cursed.

Well, it could have a little something to do with the massive amount of injuries that just keeps growing. In fact, I'd say that's the overwhelming reason for the recent four-game losing streak. We've got key defensive guys out with Kyle Williams and George Wilson, not to mention CB Terrence McGhee. Freddy J, the man I could ALWAYS count on to give me a glimmer of hope is out and while CJ Spiller tries his hardest to pull his weight, there's really no replacement for Jackson. We're not horribly off at WR but being down two with Donald Jones and Namaan Roosevelt out isn't exactly helpful. Our offensive line is consistently inconsistent but without a number of starters, it's gone from inconsistent to painfully frustrating. And, Rian Lindell, such a reliable kicker is still out. Why, just why?

Injuries shouldn't make or break a team but they can and they do. This Bills team was getting used to working together and when you take out key components, yes, it's easy to say they should be able to adapt but sometimes that's just not realistic. I don't blame the team for looking like a shadow of the team that started the season 3-0 and won those five games.

I realize that all teams suffer injuries but I know I'm not alone when I say this Buffalo Bills team has always been particularly prone (or maybe we're always working with such slim pickings for dynamic talent that it's more noticeable). Somebody tell me why.

I'm so distressed but still Billieve we can pull out another win before the end of the season. The Titans are 6-5 and playing at The Ralph, a circumstance that's always good for a little hope. The Chargers are 4-7, and while records clearly mean nothing in this league, it makes me feel better when the teams LOOK more evenly matched. I honestly think we can take down Miami because I don't know how the team suddenly started playing football, which means there's got to be some weakness the Bills can capitalize on. And the Patriots ... well, we did beat them once and technically anything's possible.